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OnlyFans Model Dedicates Herself to Doing Housework While Her Husband Sleeps. Which is to Say, Sleeps With Other Women.

This is Monica Huldt, known to her 2.5 million Instagram followers as Swedish Bella. Model. OnlyFans creator. Occasional cosplayer. And while I'm just spitballing here, possible cosmetic surgery enthusiast. Married woman living what is called "a trad wife" lifestyle. Which might sound like a combination of "tragic" and "sad," but is actually short for "traditional." As in, traditional roles for the wife and husband. But for Monica and Mr. Huldt, that trad life goes way beyond her cooking and cleaning while he's doing the yardwork and clearing the leaves out of the gutter. 

It's safe to say theirs is a Trad Unlike Any Other [tm]:

Source - Monica ... claims she “dedicates” her life to making her husband, John, 39, “happy,” even though that’s meant losing some friends along the way. 

“I actually had childhood friends straight out telling me that I’ve lost my dignity as a woman,” Monica told “Love Don’t Judge” in an interview.

A typical day for the Instagram model includes cooking meals for John, cleaning the house and working out — but not picking out her own clothes, as he selects all of her outfits. …

“When I deliver, it makes him happy – and in turn that makes me happy,” the real-life “Stepford Wife” reasoned. 

While Monica claims that she’s both able to do her chores and fulfill her husband’s needs in the bedroom, he also keeps busy by inviting other women to have sex with him. 

“This sleeping with other women thing, first of all, it’s a really small part of our relationship,” John told “Love Don’t Judge.” 

“Monica was cool with it, and I was cool with it,” he claimed. …

“If you look at how all other mammals that’s how they do it, typically the alpha gets to bang all other all the females,” John reasoned, adding that their lifestyle makes for a more “relaxed relationship.”

And when it comes to the married couple’s sex life, Monica claimed that her husband being so dominant is a turn-on for her. 

“I like it when a man takes charge and takes what he wants,” she told Jame Press. …

“If people didn’t frown upon it so much and just gave it a go, I think they would realize that it works.”

I get that the show Monica and John were on isn't called Judge Us All You Want. It's Love Don't Judge. Which, grammar aside, is a wise way to go through life. But regardless, I'm going to go right ahead and judge them anyway. And the ruling of my court is that these two are guilty. Of living the best life. 

Who are any of us to say their model for a marriage can't work? She's happy preparing meals and cleaning the house. And while she's enjoying the hell out of her day running a vacuum over the carpets and taking a scrub brush to the toilets, he's happily down the hall taking other women to the summit of Bone Mountain. I bet she even comes in after the noise stops to bring them snacks and pick up the used condoms. You know, the trad kind of marriage. Just like our parents and grandparents did it. And look at how low the divorce rate was back in their day.

The lesson here is, the rest of us are doing it all wrong with our drab, boring, faithful, un-trad, monogamous lives. As the kids say, find yourself someone who loves you the way Monica loves John. Meaning, the way she loves to get a roast in the oven and dust the living room while he's getting some strange upstairs. That's the way other mammals do it, and it works out well for them.

And where's the harm? After all, it's just "a small part" of their relationship. I mean, here I am, making all these references to his side action, when the focus should be on all the days when he's not doing the Beast With Two Backs right in Monica's face. And what about all the other stuff, like taking charge, acting dominant, and being kind enough to pick out her outfits so she can focus on her chorin'. That's a lot for a guy to take on, and it sounds like he does it without complaint. So good on him. He deserves all the happiness he can get. 

Before we're finished here, let me add the important disclaimer that I want no part of this. I'm giving this whole trad wife idea a good leaving alone, thanks. So if anyone out there wants to bring this blog to the attention of my own enchanting Irish Rose, please include the part where I disavowed this lifestyle altogether. I'll keep a "relaxed relationship" my way, and Mr. & Mrs. Swedish Bella can do it their way. It might sound good in theory the way they describe it. And more power to them. But most of us are just not orgy guys: