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So It Turns Out Nick Turani Is A HUGE Baseball Guy

Welcome back to the MLB season previews. This is for the NL Central, which is one of the 6 divisions in MLB consisting of the Cincinnati Reds, Chicago Cubs, Pittsburgh Pirates, Milwaukee Brewers and St. Louis Cardinals. 

Today's panel consists of WhiteSoxDave (The Mid Show), Nick Turani (ANUS) and myself (Barstool Baseball). You can watch/listen to our predictions here. I will follow this video below with observations: 


- Pirates aren't looking too good. 

- Paul Goldschmidt is a timeless classic, but not the best player on his team. Only the Best Hitter. 

- The categories were designed to avoid "best player" conversations because those suck, including my last observation above

- It's crazy how full circle life comes from being internet friends with Nick, talking Pirates baseball randomly for years, long before either of us really worked here, to now doing Pirates content.

- The Cubs will be average on your average day, and there should be many average days with their lineup.

- Robert Nutting should be forced to sell the team to Mario Lemieux and a collection of former Steelers' defensive front-7 members. Send Joey Porter and James Harrison to the owners meetings. Set the fuckin tone in Steel City for once. 

- We have a bunch of these previews out now for the divisions. Go check them out if you want more programming around baseball. 

Personally I will say having sat and talked baseball now for a long time, I have enough reference points to say the quality of these previews is much higher than I anticipated. Klemmer and Castellani have been outstanding. Hubbs brings so much energy and electricity and it's fuckin REAL. WhiteSoxDave and Smitty still see themselves as active college baseball players. We got RDT working 12-hour shifts then coming home to blog and talk baseball - the last one of the Barstool guys I know that is still just doing it because he loves it. 

That's the sauce and we're out here cookin it. 

I appreciate you guys more than you know. 

AL Central Preview

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