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This Absolutely Ridiculously Filthy Goal Sent Quinnipiac To The Frozen Four

There's a new stat they need to start tracking in hockey. Because this goal won't go down as a "game winning goal", but it sure as shit was a game ender. 2-1 game with 4 minutes to go in the 3rd. That thing was far from over. A couple bounces the other way and Ohio State is able to tie the game up at 2 a piece and there's a chance that game ends up going to overtime. But the moment Christophe Tellier scored THAT goal? It was over. It was finished. It was caput. 

The self oop. What an unbelievable set of mitts on this kid. Pop the puck over the goalie's shoulder to yourself and have the hands to bat it out of the air and into the back of the net. Sick sick stuff from Tellier. 

Ohio State had hope. They had a glimmer of light. They had a chance. And all of that, plus their hearts, were ripped out of their chest after that goal. Quinnipiac obviously went on to win 4-1. So again, technically this goal won't be remembered as a game winner. But the moment that goal was scored, the game was finished. I'm surprised the Zamboni didn't drive out on the ice before the next faceoff. 

Quinnipiac. Minnesota. Michigan. BU. What a lineup for the Frozen Four. 

P.S. -- Wahhhh this happened days ago, wahhhhh.