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The Perfect Crime: LSU Student Accused Of Breaking Into Tiger Stadium And Stealing $1,500 Worth Of Beer

[Source] - An LSU student accused of breaking into Tiger Stadium and stealing $1,500 in merchandise was arrested Sunday, authorities say.

In an affidavit, police say a group of college-age men was spotted with several cases of beer near the stadium around 3 a.m. Sunday. When they saw an LSU police officer, they ran away.

LSU Police say the arena’s surveillance footage showed the group taking beer from Tiger Stadium and loading it into a black pickup. Some of the men left in the truck.

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Let's all take a minute and calm down here. This right here? The perfect crime. That's what this is. You break into Tiger Stadium and steal $1,500 of beer, you shouldn't be arrested. You should be praised, given season tickets to LSU and probably give a lesson on how you got into Tiger Stadium. This is impressive for the simple fact that we're talking LSU here.

I'd assume LSU would have Tiger Stadium locked up more than any other building with Mike the Tiger being the only thing protected more than the stadium. It's more shocking that you can get into that place. I'd actually argue that if this fella got away and LSU Police needed the surveillance footage it shouldn't count. You beat the man you're playing, you don't get to go to replay for help. 

Brian Kelly's gotta figure this out man. Excuse me, family *extreme Brian Kelly voice*. You don't see Jordan Hare getting broken into. You don't see Sanford Stadium getting hijacked. Even those hillbillies wearing disgusting ass orange don't break into Neyland. Then there's Alabama. Saban would never allow this. Saban would hit the tape, figure out how to protect the beer and then give the cops a stern talking to. No wrong place, wrong time excuse from Saban, that's for sure. 

So I say justice for the fella who stole the beer. It's college. This is on LSU and LSU football more than anything else. 

PS: Callin Baton Rouge always, always plays.