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Donnie And I Burnt "El 42 De Capotillo" To The Ground - The Dominican Republic's Most Notorious Hood

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This is the last and final installment of myself and Donnie's Dominican Republic travel series. Truthfully, when I watched the final credits roll on my computer screen, I became a little sad. What a damn trip! 

I would NOT recommend going to the 42 de Capotillo though. We got a TON of comments like this: 

I'm glad we did it, and once we were safe back at our hotel, I realized what a cool experience it was hanging out in that corner of the world… but there were 3-4x when Donnie would be off chatting with a local and I could sense something wasn't right and I'd look at Michaelangelo and say "we need to gtfo of here". Thankfully nothing happened, but it got scary nonetheless. 

To end, here are the answers to the many questions I got throughout the series: 


No, I didn't do any drugs. Not unless you consider weed a drug, which I don't. Donnie offered me an adderol at one point and I even turned that down. I've never done a hard drug because they all sound awesome and I'd never stop doing them. Ignorance is bliss. Believe that or don't, I don't care


I think the respiratory infection was actually Coronavirus in hind sight 


I lost weight like 20 pounds over the course of 4 or so weeks last April, about a year ago… but the only drug I took to do so was Kendall Toole. Shout out Peloton 


The food was typically awesome. I am just scared shitless to cook or drink anything I don't cook or drink myself now because of how bad the searing pain in my abdomen was on day 2 

In the end, I hope you guys all enjoyed it. I want to give a special thanks to Donnie for coming up with the idea and letting me tag along. I've said this on a few podcasts and shit but want to hammer this point home here; Donnie is great at this job because of his genuine curiosity of different cultures. Give him a camera and the content flows naturally. He loves this shit and it shows in his work. He's the new Anthony Bourdain 

Shoutout Michael Angelo as well. The camera guys and producers don't get enough credit for making us all look good. Michael Angelo crushed it with his filming and edits 

We'll run this back soon! Hopefully I get to boondoggle a trip to the Tokyo Dome or something next