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The 10k Run for Big Cat's $10,000 is 12 Short Days Away

12 Days.

That is not much time between now and the Crescent City 10k. Seems like a good time for a running State of the Union.

I actually took it fairly easy last week after experiencing right hamstring tightness when I ran 4 miles in 40 minutes 10 days ago. I walked a good bit and worked out with the personal trainer but I opted to rest the hammy. I am also getting some treatment on it this week.

I had a big talk with my running and life mentor about how to handle the next 12 days in this situation. His advice was to worry more about my pace than the distance. And he is right.....

I am not worried about the 6.2 mile distance. I can jog forever and have always had great stamina for a man of my stature. It is all about the pace to get the run under 60 minutes.

I ran 3.25 miles in around 34 minutes today which is about a 65 minute 10k pace. That obviously is not going to get it done but I eased into the run today. I did run the last 1.65 miles at a 9:40 mile clip and felt pretty good. 

I am trying to strike a delicate balance between getting the pace right and peaking on race day next Saturday. It would be a huge mistake to injure myself before. I also have a good friend running the race with me to help set my pace which is going to help a ton.

I have well over $18,000 already pledged towards my race to Hogs For The Cause and more is coming this week for damn sure! Thanks to Big Cat for the $10,000 pledge to get this all started. Now it is time to prove him wrong.....

Donate here to help families fighting child cancer and support my 10k race! Every little bit counts and there is strength in numbers....