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This New Blue Jays Hat Looks Fantastic!

Hey, get your mind out of the gutter! You pervert. This is a family game, and a family website too.  And for just the low low price of $63.99, this beauty can be yours!

What is this hat, you might be wondering. Well it's the "ice cream drip", obviously. If you think it looks like a scene out of "There's Something About Mary" you are plain wrong. It's obviously ice cream and any other answer makes you a disgusting animal.

I gotta think the MLB has to be doing it on purpose now. They have made some god awful hats recently and $65 bucks for something like this? Come on man. Back in my day I'd spend $35 on a hat from Lids in Columbia Mall and have to mow lawns til the cows came home to make that back. $65 for a hat that resembles your mom is just insane.


I hope there's good, kind-hearted people out there that will wear this. It's ice cream for heaven's sake! Now that I think of it, I need to pick one up myself.