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Here We Have A Hilarious Clip Of Andy Reid Having Absolutely No Clue Who Jordan Love Is

That video is objectively funny. Andy Reid is a 65 year old two-time Super Bowl winning head coach. He's got Patrick Mahomes as his quarterback. You think this man cares in the slightest bit about who Jordan Love is? When you have Patrick Mahomes as your starting quarterback does it really matter who else is a QB in the league? The big red man clearly had zero idea Love was the QB for the Packers a few years ago when Rodgers was out with covid. Not a clue in the world. Could have easily been Brett Hundley or Matt Flynn out there as far as he's concerned. 

I love the attempted last second save of "from what I remember I thought he was good." Tremendous. You know how I know he was lying aside from the other obvious clues in the clip? Love was dreadful in that game. It was like pulling teeth to move the ball in that game. You could argue Jordan Love had never seen a blitz in his life prior to that night. Things have gotten a whole lot better since then, but that was not a bright spot for the Love Boat dream of him becoming another all-time Packer great. 

I now need to know what other QBs Reid is unaware of in today's NFL. Davis Mills? Mike White? Zach Wilson? Cooper Rush? Does Andy Reid know who Kenny Pickett is? Where do we draw the line? The man calls the plays for Patrick Mahomes and eats tons of  cheeseburgers, there's no need for him to worry about anything else. You have to respect that. 

P.s. Very excited for this to resurface after Love proves to be a star and gets to face off with the Chiefs in the Super Bowl. Allow me to will this into existence.