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JT Realmuto Gets Thrown Out Of Game In One Of The Most Outrageous Ejections In Baseball History

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WELCOME TO THE UMP SHOW. Babyface Joe West hasn't even hit puberty yet in these big leagues and he's already worn out his welcome. Look, it's the final week of Spring Training. Everyone is itching for the 162-game season to begin and JT getting ejected isn't the end of the world. In fact, the less practice innings on his knees the better. But holy hell this Ump has to be neutered of all of his power both in and out of the game of baseball. Did this dude really think JT Realmuto, the best and most respected/respectful catcher in the game, was trying to show him up in a Spring Training game? Like this? Once he grows up maybe he'll realize what he did wrong. 

Cool guy JT remains calm because that's what JT does: Stays Cool. But this would've been a wonderful excuse for him and/or Philly Rob to go all out Wally Backman on that calf in Blue. 

Or Terry Collins. 

Or Earl Weaver. 

And now we're just down the rabbit hole of awesome baseball ejections. So…thank you Young Blue? Always a fine watch once a year or so.