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Ryan Reynolds And Rob McElhenney Desperately Need To Improve Their Championship Champagne Drinking Skills

So over the weekend Wrexham's women's team won their league and properly celebrated. Coming in to celebrate - of course - were Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds. But now I'm worried. I'm worried they don't know how to properly embrace the championship champagne chug if Wrexham's men's team also wins their league. I'm not saying go full Chris Bosh

But you gotta do more than a little sip. This is everything you've been waiting for. Remember the men's team brutally lost in a playoff last year. This season? They sit on top, 3 points clear and a match in hand. 

You win the league, you avoid the playoff and get automatically promoted. But this is about Mac and Reynolds. You're from Philly and Canada. You gotta know how to drink. You gotta be able to take down a majority of that bottle and not let go. This is big time. They've done the splashy signings, even recently for the men's side: 

I've said it since they bought the club. I want Wrexham to keep getting promoted. The Welcome to Wrexham show, really highlighted how loved this club is. Finish the season, then win League Two. But come on boys, gotta start chugging better.