Mike McDaniel Was Stunned To Hear How Much The Commanders Will Sell For Because When He Worked in Washington He Couldn't Even Get Free Coffee


Amazing. You know what one of the best parts about Dan Snyder selling the team will be? The fun stories about how shitty of a person he truly is will continue to stream out of every corner of the NFL for years to come. Nobody will have to play the politics or worry about Dan Snyder hurting their careers anymore so they will let it FLY. This quote from McDaniel is just scratching the surface. We will definitely hear from coaches, coordinators, front office employees, media members, players, and everything in between. Like, we already know Snyder is a shitty human being. One of the worst to ever live. And we've heard story after story after story about terrible things he has done. But not many are from current NFL employees...but I expect that to change. 

As for the sale itself, seems like there are last-minute bidders who are attempting to buy it which has held it up. Josh Harris looked to be the front-runner, but that could have all been conjecture and rumors, or a leak to drive up the bidding. When we are talking about 6 billion dollars it would not shock me if there are huge power play politics going on behind the scenes. I've watched enough TV to know nothing is finalized until the paperwork is signed, sealed, and delivered. Wouldn't shock me if Harris thought he was on the 1 yard line to become the new owner and then the next day found himself back on the 50. That's business, baby!