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I Give Up Trying To Understand Fashion After Seeing Sneakers That "Swing Both Ways"

TMZ- The folks behind the now-viral "Big Red Boots" craze have new bizarre footwear to sell you for a nice little chunk of change -- it's a sneaker that swings both ways ... quite literally.

MSCHF -- the Brooklyn-based art collective, which always seems to be churning out quirky products like this -- announced their latest creation this weekend. They call it the BWD Shoe, and the gimmick this time is ... you can slide your foot in from the front or the back.

These things drop on April 11, and are only going to be on sale for a one-hour window starting at 2 PM ET via their website or the MSCHF Sneakers app. Price tag ... $135.

Not nearly as expensive as their famed boots are (about $350), and who knows what they'll go for on the resale market. The fact they're advertising/selling them as super exclusive suggests they'll go for a lot. Another factor to consider ... will celebs come flocking???

I OFFICIALLY GIVE UP. I knew I was holding onto a thread when I first saw the big red boots and blogged about how I would never understand how they could be popular. 

Now I have officially given up. There's just absolutely no way anyone at my age could possibly understand fashion if these are the boots and shoes we are rolling out. Let's first tackle the fact of how they look. It kind of looks like an art project. Looks almost as if someone in an art class was told to make a shoe out of cardboard and this is what they came up with. I think the best way to describe it is incomplete. The "shoe" looks incomplete. Like someone forgot a step in putting them together. Maybe you can say it's "cool" as a conversation piece, but past that is it really a good looking shoe? 

Second, let's talk about the use of being able to slip into a shoe from both ends. This is where I may be sold about these. You know how many times I have shoved on shoes in the mud room just to take out the garbage? Or slipped into any shoe I can find to run outside to grab something? Or go find something in the garage? A ton. That's where I could justify buying these shoes, as a literal advantage to never have to worry about trying to put them on in a rush etc. Think of them as warmer flip flops. However, at $135 and a "fashion statement" is where you lose me, but again maybe I'm just old.