Kyrie Irving Continues To Be The Biggest Asshole And Loser In All Of Sports

[Source] - Kyrie Irving wasn’t going to tolerate the fans during a miserable night in Charlotte.

The Mavericks guard had a fan removed midway through Sunday’s game against the Hornets, detailing the series of events to reporters following Dallas’ fourth straight loss.

“He just called me out, my name,” Irving told reporters after the 110-104 setback.

“So I just had to make sure I looked him eye-to-eye, and see if he’d say it to my face.”

Shut the fuck up dude. That's really the entire blog. I don't need to write more because everyone knows and agrees. This guy sucks. He got a fan kicked out who 'called him out, my name?' Oh no. The horror! How dare a fan heckle you? I mean you've already destroyed Luka. You've already destroyed the Mavs. You already destroyed every other franchise you've been around. 

I say it all the time in this scenario. Fans have the right to talk shit. Obviously there's a basic human line not to cross. Think everyone agrees with that. That's not the case here. The fan got ejected for not apologizing and calling Kyrie out by name? That's the softest thing I've ever seen. This is just Kyrie being an asshole. He thinks he's this intelligent guy (likely because of that NJ/Duke pipeline) who is just so insanely stupid. 

At some point I need security to start using a brain when kicking fans out. This is one of the reasons why the NBA gets so much shit. If you cross a line? Sure. Think we all know there are certain things you can't say in public. But calling Kyrie out by name? He gonna get every arena cleared out, because this is what every fan should do. 

Saying 'that's what I thought' when the guy didn't apologize is so stupid too. Why would he apologize? He didn't do anything wrong. He's being a fan. I wouldn't apologize either. If anything Kyrie should issue an apology to the Mavs for ruining Luka.