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I Think I'm Starting To Understand Alix Earle


I...I think I get it now. I get it. For the longest time I've said the opposite. "She's not relatable!!! She wears expensive designer clothes, goes out to fancy dinners nobody can afford, and lives a fake life that is relatable to nobody!", I yell into the void where nobody is listening. 

But now I get it. Girls follow her because they want her lifestyle, and guys follow her because...personality. But honestly, having the confidence to walk around naked and to put yourself on the internet every day where people are the meanest people in the world, I do get why she's grown her following so quickly. Is it relatable? That's not the word I'd use. But did she figure out what people want to see and take full advantage of it? Absolutely. 

I have done a 180 on her though. Hand up. I don't watch her put on makeup but I get why people do. But there is something...interesting about her. You can't quite put your finger on it, but there's definitely something there and I can't keep denying it.

Or maybe it's just that my brain finally took a leap off the cliff and no longer exists. I think about that a lot too. Maybe I was just trying to hold out and not let my brain and life get fried into bolivian by the internet, but I can no longer stop it. We're living in Idiocracy whether we like it or not.


PS: I always laugh when she's like "I live in a small apartment look how dirty I am omg lol!", like we don't know she's a multi-millionaire and in the process of building an empire. I appreciate her attempts to stay humble I guess but like, come on.