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Parts Of Mississippi Were Wiped Out Friday Night By A Series Of Devastating Tornadoes And The Damage Left Behind Is Completely Heartbreaking

Rolling Fork, Mississippi, a town with a population under 2,000 people, was left in ruins Friday night after a series of monstrous tornadoes ripped through the area. The tornadoes covered at least 100 miles and leveled the towns in their path. One was reported as much as a mile wide, registering as an F4 with wind speeds exceeding 160mph. The resulting damage is absolutely heartbreaking to look at. Tornadoes in general are horrifying, but one happening like this at night where you can only see it when light flashes in the sky is stuff you only see in your nightmares. 

According to reports, at least 25 are dead with dozens more injured. Homes and businesses were completely obliterated, leaving tens of thousands without power. I just thought it'd be a good idea to bring some awareness to this on the blog and put a few of the donation links in one spot. If you can help, even if it's just a little bit it would go a long way in helping these people repair their lives. Hang in there Mississippi.