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FAU Proved They Are America's Team By Trolling The Shit Out Of Kansas State In The Locker Room

Oh man, I love this move. I don't care if people think it's cringeworthy or whatever. You beat a team, you have every right to troll them in the locker room. Don't like it? Beat them. That simple. But if Kansas State is going to go viral for dancing to Lil Baby, this is precisely what you do after beating them. 


It makes it even funnier that Dusty May is a Bobby Knight guy too. You know Knight would likely lose his shit over this. Instead Dusty May embraces it and shouts Dave and Caleb out right after winning. 

That's a guy who ahem gets it. 

But this is about FAU. I love that they have some shithouse to them. Trying to dunk at the buzzer against FDU? Good. Play until the whistle ends. You never know what the number is. Trolling Kansas State with their own Lil Baby music and clap? Even better. You win, you celebrate. Don't like it, beat them. That simple.