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Florida Atlantic Making History By Going To The Final Four Is Exactly Why There's Nothing Like The NCAA Tournament

They actually did it. Florida Atlantic is in the Final Four. Just say it out loud. It doesn't sound right but at the same time it makes all the sense in the world. We're seeing it more and more. I said it before but Florida Atlantic should not have been a 9 seed. They were punished for being in the C-USA. But just watch them play. You can look at their metrics, whatever you want.

Here's the truth. They are the perfect modern basketball lineup. They have a bunch of versatile guards that defend their ass off. They have a bunch of shooters. Their big is mobile at 7 feet and a high-major transfer (Texas Tech). They are deep and more importantly - we saw it in this game - they don't give a fuck.

Here's what I mean by that. Kansas State got up 6 and started feeling like the game was over. They stopped running anything on offense and tried to go for dagger shots. FAU, like we see a lot of times with underdogs and mid-majors late in the Tournament, could have folded. You gave up a big run and 'talent' started to win. Except FAU just ran their shit.

 It wasn't just one guy. Goldin was probably the best player tonight. But Greenlee hit 4 threes. Martin had 17. Johnell Davis did his thing of 13 8 and 6. They had everyone sort of contribute and punched Kansas State right back in the mouth. 

This was a masterclass by Dusty May. He started the game opposite of Michigan State and dared Nowell to be a scorer. It took him so time to adjust to that and that let FAU jump out to a comfortable start. Then it was an awesome game from there. Back and forth, but FAU keeping their composure and running their stuff was the difference. 

What a run man. 9 seed to the Final Four. Don't get it wrong though, FAU is fucking good. I don't know how else to describe it. 

PS: Really makes you think