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Markquis Nowell's Brother Is 100% Right For Shaming A Kansas State Fan Who Was Eating Instead Of Cheering During The Elite Eight

Fair play here by Markquis Nowell's brother. Everyone knows fans are as important to an NCAA Tournament game as the players. You gotta have all the good juju. You gotta wear the same shit, sit in the same seat, go through the same routine. If you don't? Game over. So, yeah, being shamed during the national broadcast might seem like a bad thing, but it's deserved. Put the food down and pay attention.

You don't think it mattered? I'm convinced Desi Sills biffed that wide open layup that led to a massive swing because this guy was chowing down on food. You're trying to turn up, not eat. I'm also convinced that every NCAA Tournament breakout star has a family member that knows how to fire the crowd up. Pretty sure this is why none of us played in the NCAA Tournament. You need an electric family member to break out in March. 

This game has been awesome. Up and down, runs all over the place. Sure, Jerome Tang shouldn't have sat Keyontae Johnson the entire time with two fouls. Don't foul your guy out. But FAU looks the part. Nowell is doing his thing. Put the chicken fingers down and turn up.