De'Aaron Fox Pissed Everyone Off By Saying He Can't Watch A College Basketball Game Because Of 'Shot Making, Bad Refs And Coaches'

Alright so I saw this being talked about all during the games last night. Here's the thing, Fox is right. The product of college basketball tends to be awful. It's not elite shotmaking. It's not elite decision making. The refs are horrendous. The coaching decisions are brutal. But you know what?

That's what makes college basketball awesome - except for the whole ref thing. Fuck them. No one ever argues that college basketball is a better product. Anyone who does is wrong or just hates the NBA so much they say things to say things. But the NBA simply can't match the ability for people to care about their school. They can't match the fact that you have future NBA players playing against future mid-level accountants for the right to advance in our version of the playoffs. 

Naturally Fox ended up trying to explain himself


Again, Fox is right. The actual game in college basketball is awful. Why do you think we see so many games in like the 60s? There's a reason leads go to shit late in games because college basketball teams can't break presses. But there's nothing like it. I'm (clearly) way more of a college basketball guy than NBA guy. I've always been that way. I can sit here and watch (and blog) a UC-Irvine/Cal State Fullerton game if I need to. I'm not flipping the channel getting pumped to watch Pistons/Blazers. 

I just don't know why people seem so determined to scream one side or the other. NBA people want to scream about how bad the college game is. College people want to scream about how little the NBA players care and how there's nothing like the NCAA Tournament. Here's a little secret, you can watch both! You can like both! You can like one or the other. 

So you know what? I'm not mad at De'Aaron Fox. I'm mad at the guy trying to bait him into the answer. Him and college officiating. Fuck them refs.