Hometown Fighter CJ Vergara Just Pulled Off An INSANE Comeback At UFC San Antonio

MY GOD! What a god damn start to this UFC San Antonio card, courtesy of the Flyweights!

Firstly, props to Victor Altamirano and Vinicius Salvador for putting on a banger in the opening fight and kicking the card off on a violent note immediately; but HOLY SHIT, that CJ Vergara/Daniel Lacerda fight was insane.

They started hot, trading shots in the center of the octagon right away, and they never took their feet off the gas. 

Lacerda quickly started getting the better of Vergara in the exchanges (as the oddsmakers thought he would, at -245), and when Vergara appeared to get stunned, he started RUNNING AWAY as fast as he could....

Still, though, he got dropped with a spinning back kick and just BARELY survived the first round - and then Lacerda came out of his corner in the second round gassed, and the playing field seemed to level a bit. 

After a calf slicer attempt left Lacerda under Vergara, trapping him, Vergara started pouring on the ground and pound - which even featured some knees to the ribs which looked BRUTAL - and turned the fight around for himself, almost choking Lacerda out with an arm triangle moments later. 

Before too long, the referee stepped in and the hometown fighter got the TKO finish.... 

It was a really amazing moment, especially in front of an arena crowd over the Apex, with his kid and family in the crowd, and Vergara gave a great, inspiring post-fight speech to put the exclamation point on it.


As someone who tailed our SpinninBackfist social media guru Lee and took the Over 1.5 here (at +165 on the Barstool Sportsbook), I had myself one hell of a time watching this rollercoaster of a fight. I was up on my feet screaming RUN at the television like I was watching the Kentucky Derby in the first round, and truly thought the arm triangle around the halfway point of the second was gonna ruin that - but luckily, we made it just past that mark for the win.

Overall, an amazing start to the night. Congrats Vergara.