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Billy Horschel Picking The Ball Up With His Putter Like A Sorcerer Will Have You Questioning Reality

Does Billy Horschel have The Force? Is he a real-life Jedi? Does he practice dark magic or some kind of other mystical art? I really don't know at this point.

Horschel didn't play particularly well in Saturday's Round of 16 action at the WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play, losing 5 and 4 to Cameron Young. Although it's a disappointing, bitter end to Horschel's run in Austin, he still gave us an all-time highlight and didn't even need to hit a golf shot to do it. Can't say you see that every day.

The only guy I've seen remotely close to being this impressive with an on-green rake is...I'll give you one guess...

Took me some time to dig that one up. What's most impressive about Tiger is that he doesn't have some built-out extension/psuedo-car spoiler on the back of his flat stick like some of these other guys do. No fancy contraptions for the GOAT. Just a traditional putter that he's mastered the use of to the point where that fickle back of his doesn't need to bend over to get the ball out of the hole. That's amateur hour.

Horschel does have a little built-out area on the back of his PING putter that aids his ability to scoop the ball. Nevertheless, to throw that thing in the air, get the perfect full rotation and catch it on the grip while keeping the ball securely fastened to the blade!? WTF?

If you have a putter, go out and try to even scoop up your ball using the back of it. Some throwback designs make this impossible, as do some more modern sticks, but on most of them, there's a little cavity on the back where you can try the trick out. No surprise that Billy Ho and Tiger are professionals, so this shouldn't come as a total shock. Nevertheless, it's little things like this that show just how next-level these world-class golfers are.

PS, sorry you have to go to Instagram to see Horschel's very brief clip more than once. The PGA Tour's brass are hardos about Twitter highlights being embedded, and this is the only other spot I could find it. Had I posted it on my own volition, it'd likely get taken down for some usage violation or whatever.

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