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The Mavericks Have Been A Disaster Since The Kyrie Irving Trade And Now He's Taking Shots At Mavs Fans For Booing

Justin Ford. Getty Images.

Heading into the NBA trade deadline, I imagine if you were to ask Mavs fans what they wanted most they would have said for Mark Cuban to bring in another star to help lighten the load on Luka. For years, that's what we heard right? 

"Get Luka help!"

Even if you consider that wildly disrespectful to say, someone like Jalen Brunson, that's not exactly a new concept. To win at a high level in the NBA, you need elite talent, and in most cases, more than just one guy. Look around the league and that's the blueprint. 

As a result, Mark Cuban did what many GMs before him have tried, and he decided to hitch his wagon to Kyrie Irving. It's hard to argue that trading for Kyrie didn't fulfill the "bring Luka a star!" demand, and yet….

Uhhhhhhhhh yikes. 

When the Mavs made this move, they were right around the 4-5 seed mark out West (early February). Since that date, they are 8-12 as a team and as you can see above, are just 3-7 in games that their new dynamic duo play in. That cannot be what Mavs fans had in mind when they first saw the trade bomb.

To those of us who have lived this life before, we tried to tell them what was coming. Shit, I even wrote an entire blog about it trying to get them prepared for what was about to come their way

There's one part of this blog that seems pretty relevant right now

When something comes up in Dallas, Mavs fans will want to do the same because deep down you want it to work. Every negative report is fake news put out by people with an agenda. You may not even realize you're doing it, but it's going to happen. But you have to remember how this usually goes

- Shows flashes offensively with intoxicating performances that make you feel like you have a real championship piece….check

- Gets injured and misses games in the playoffs….check

- Says outrageous shit that turns into a media shit storm and a huge distraction….check

Happened in CLE, BOS, and now BKN. This is the reality of signing up to get into the Kyrie Irving business. Save yourself the stress and try and resist the urge to spinzone whatever happens. It's exhausting.

Why is this important? Well let's have a look!

Giphy Images.

As you know, when your team is underachieving and has tanked since you arrived in part because of your play, everyone knows the thing to do in that spot is to basically call out the fans like this. Not taking personal responsibility, why would Kyrie do that? I mean if that single quote isn't this gif

Giphy Images.

well then how about Luka?

Now let's be fair here. The Mavs issues are not all on Kyrie. I'm pretty sure Jason Kidd has no goddamn idea what he's doing, and that's its own issue. Remember too, Kyrie is a UFA this summer, but I wonder what Mavs fans would choose? Do they care if Kyrie walks given how things have looked since he became a Mav? Do they need him to stay given what they traded for him? This is the issue with the Kyrie Experience. History tells you that hitching your wagon to him causes more problems than it fixes.

Not to mention, Christian Wood is also a UFA. Given what Kidd has done with his role, why would he stay? 

The truth is, the Mavs have bigger problems than just Kyrie. Their defense stinks out loud. Sure everyone with eyeballs could have seen that coming when you trade Dorian Finney-Smith and Spencer Dinwiddie so you can pair Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic, two guys who can't stop a nosebleed. Their defense was already bad enough before the trade (24th), that I'm not sure how anyone thought things would get better in the months since. I'm not sure what the next move is given their available resources, and considering your biggest worry is Luka one day demanding out, how does that feel right now?

If only the Mavs could have seen this coming. It's not like there was a long history with Kyrie or anything, so how were they to know?