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Elite: Jim Larranaga Simply Dominated The Dance Floor In The Locker Room After Beating Houston

Look at Jim man! 73-years old, you think he gives a damn? Absolutely not. He's going to outcoach you in March and then shake that ass in the locker room. The man is elite no matter what you're talking about.

My only complaint here is that the camera cut out too quickly. The Xavier/Texas game isn't close to starting. You leave that camera on and you don't cut out until Larranaga takes a seat. The world deserves to see what else he has in the tank. 

What a game though.

 Nijel Pack was unreal. He was worth more than that $800k NIL deal he reportedly got when he came to Miami. You go get 26 against Houston, you're worth more than $800k. Not only that but he's the reason Houston never got closer than 51-49. When they cut it to two, it looked like Houston was about to take control. Pack came right back down and drilled a couple threes. Game over. 

It wasn't just Pack though. Wong did his thing and got 20. Omier had a double-double. Poplar and Miller both hit double digits. This is why Miami is dangerous. They have an elite offense. They can beat you with any guy. One game it's Pack then it's Wong then it's Miller. Omier is always consistent. Houston saw that tonight. 

PS: John Ruiz, the guy linked to the NIL deals might be a genius. Miami men's and women's teams both in the Elite Eight on the same day? Basketball genius.