Friday Confessions

Dante and I alternate Fridays letting deprived Stoolies get shit off their chests.

This blog series is simply for confessions (and clicks).

I'll go first…

It's downright disrespectful how much food I snuck into the newest John Wick movie earlier today...

  • a Thermos of tea and travel cups
  • a couple of soda cups we saved from last movie we saw
  • Asian trail mix.
  • 3 toasted bialys with cream cheese, bacon, and tomato.
  • 2 Linzer tarts
  • 2 GIGANTIC peanut butter cups

It was a 2 1/2 hour movie, and I wish it went 5.

If there's anything you need to get off your chest, then the comments are open.

Two Hail Marys, three Our Fathers, and slip a 20 in the collection box on the way out… All is forgiven.


This week's Twisted History covers some random porn topics, including that time Sammy Davis Jr watched Linda Lovelace blow a dog.