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The Eagles Need To Avoid The Trap And Not Even Let Ezekiel Elliott Into The Building

Tom Pennington. Getty Images.

Believe me. I would love to see Zeke win a Super Bowl with the Eagles just so we could rub it in Dallas fans' faces for the rest of eternity as much as the next guy. But when you've been on this Earth long enough, you start to see patterns. You understand that history often has a knack of repeating itself. And the only way that we, as a society, can grow is if we learn from our previous mistakes. 

DeMarco Murray. Miles Austin. Orlando Scandrick. 

The Philadelphia Eagles cannot allow Ezekiel Elliott's name to be added to that list. 

Now here's the thing--Adam Schefter is just a mouthpiece for Zeke's agent here. It's NFL Free Agency, and this is where Schefty butters his bread. You start leaking out whatever information the agents want you to leak out to get their client a better deal now, and then Schefty can get all the scoops he wants down the road. So let's not act like there's any validity to this report at all aside from the fact that it's what information Zeke's agent wants people to think. There's a good chance that nobody from the Philadelphia Eagles organization has even spoken with Zeke, let alone have any sort of deal on the table. 

But there's the trap. The Eagles probably never spoke to Zeke. They probably didn't even consider it to be an option. But now here comes Schefty with this report trying to Jedi Mind Trick the Eagles into bringing Ezekiel Elliott in for a visit. And they need to avoid doing that at all costs. Because if there's anything that former Cowboys who end up signing with the Eagles have proven, it's that they're all a bunch of rat fuck double agents. 

There's not a doubt in my mind that these bastards come to Philly just to act as spies for Jerry. They're a Trojan horse. They get on the inside, see everything that's going on within the walls of the Eagles organization, absolutely fuck the team to death with shitty play on the field, send all the info to Jerry, and then bounce as if none of it ever happened. You play for the Cowboys, you should never be allowed to step foot in any Eagles facility. 

I'm glad the team has already came out to say the report is nonsense. But they still need to be careful. Learn from your mistakes, Howie. Never again. 

Go Birds.