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Whoops!!! Career Criminal Carjacks An Uber Driver, Gets Caught, Tells Police "He'll Be Out By Sunday", Proceeds To Get Smacked With A 22 Year Sentence


The man who carjacked an Uber driver in Lakeview last year, then told cops who arrested him in Will County that he would “be out by Sunday” will, in fact, not be out for many, many years.

Will County Judge Amy Bertani-Tomczak found Henry guilty on all 13 counts brought against him, including three counts of aggravated vehicular hijacking, two counts of armed robbery, and more. She handed him a 22-year sentence on Wednesday.

“Henry told detectives he would ‘be out by Sunday,” Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow said in a press release after the sentencing. “He found out that here in Will County, we prosecute crime and take the public’s safety seriously. This violent offender will finally be off the streets and in prison where he belongs.”

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I wanted to start people - mostly Chicagoans - off with a little feel good story this morning. 

Last night we had an event at the bar where we had like 150 current and potential sponsors out. We ate, drank, watched hoops and networked. There was a moment during halftime of the MSU vs. KSU game where I was looking at my phone and laughing. Eddie and Danny thought I was up to something, but I looked at them and said "nope. Just read this story." 

When I gave them the cliff notes of what happened, they lauded my laughter as acceptable.

I'll have lived in Chicago for 11 years this September. I obviously love this city and think that with all of it's warts, it's still the best place to live in the country. Just ask Boston dude Ryan Whitney: 

But that changed over the last few years. It's not to say I won't leave my house or anything. But if the dog wakes me up because he needs to take a shit in the middle of the night, I have my head on a swivel when I walk him and that's because of cock suckers like this douche bag above. 

Take a look at this rap sheet:

“Henry is a dangerous, violent criminal with a laundry list of prior convictions and current outstanding charges, including a violent aggravated criminal sexual assault that took place while he was out on bond for other charges. In fact, he committed the crimes in this case while out on bond in Cook County in yet another case, involving the possession of a stolen vehicle,” Glasgow said.

And he STILL thought he'd "be out by Sunday". Sadly, he'd probably be right if he didn't make the mistake of leaving Chicago city limits. 

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The long of it is this; it's nice to see people like this fucko get what they deserve. Dude's a career violent criminal. He doesn't need to be in society. Lock him up and use his 22 year sentence to deter others who are pulling the same shit he is. Hope whoever takes over for Lori Lightfoot agrees.

I'll end on this - I don't feel bad for the dude who got this sentence. Clearly he's a cocky, arrogant prick which makes me love the 22 year sentence even more, but there are real, actual people who think he got too much time. Fuck that. If you can't do the time, don't do the (in his case, many) crimes.

Make this a trend. Not the exception to the rule. Oh and get rid of red light cameras