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I Have Absolutely No Idea How To Eat A Crab

I am at the point where I have realized I make screwing up on camera an art form. And in the vein of that, here's a video of me completely butchering trying to open a crab at Bevi's Seafood in NOLA with Alex Bennett (Editor's Note: I believe that's Alex in the background but honestly can't be sure).

Did I have a clue what the hell I was doing? Absolutely not. But that has never stopped me before.

As usual, the internet had lots of thoughts about my "performance".

I got rightfully rained on by Twitter but at least people were clicking. The Bevi's Seafood owner offered me a lesson for next time. I damn sure need it!

I would be in serious trouble if I took myself seriously but luckily for me that is not a problem....