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Team Guy: Bill Murray Tried To Get Dan Hurley To Rip His Shirt Off And Troll Arkansas

Bill Murray is a big time team guy - that team being whoever his son Luke is coaching for. He was everywhere on the screen when Xavier was playing and Luke was an assistant here. Luke is now an assistant for UConn and we see Hurley showing up going crazy at UConn games. I mean, that's just a good dad. 

Fast forward to the rest of this game and it was an ass kicking. I don't know how else to describe it. There's no way to spin it. There's no way to make it sound nice for Arkansas or for UConn haters. It was an ass kicking. 

Honestly hilarious trying to find clips of the games. They just aren't anywhere because it was a blowout and we had the Markquis Nowell show thankfully going on at the same time. But this is where you need a Bill Murray. Muss vs Hurley is truly a battle of two of the most eccentric, lunatic coaches in the country. We also know how Muss likes to celebrate: 

I may hate everything about it but fair is fair. You kick someone's ass you can troll them. It also would have lit a great Muss vs Hurley fight and rivalry. Just a couple shirtless dudes brawling after a game. Think of the content, fellas. Either way, I love this move by Bill Murray. Be the instigator from the sidelines. You know the camera is always on you at games like this. Try to rile Hurley up. 

I'll say this about UConn, this is a team that people thought was the best team in the country for nearly all of November and December. This game is why. Sure, UConn is a nightmare matchup for Arkansas. Arkansas can't shoot and they were forced to play the Mitchell twins, that makes them worse. But UConn had everyone shooting well. You had Sanogo dominating. This is where they are dangerous. 

Next time start thinking of pageviews, Hurely.