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A Memphis Women's Basketball Player Sucker Punched A Bowling Green Player In The Handshake Line After Last Night's NIT Game

[Source] - Police are investigating a a punch that occurred in the handshake line after Bowling Green defeated the Memphis Tigers 73-60 in the third round of the Women’s National Invitational Tournament in Ohio on Thursday night.  

Chaos erupted on the court when Memphis guard Jamirah Shutes stopped to talk with Bowling Green guard Elissa Brett.

Shutes took an elbow to her face with 24 seconds left in the first half and played eight minutes, the Memphis Commercial Appeal reported.

She returned to start the second half.

A separate report said Brett took a “hard elbow” from Shutes during the game.

Bowling Green coach Robyn Fralich said they were “figuring all those things out,” as to what happened in the handshake line.

Jesus. What the hell is this? I'll admit it to you guys. I'm an honest person. I wasn't locked in to the women's NIT last night. Hand up. I can't talk about the game. There were a couple decent NCAA Tournament games going on that had my attention. So pardon me for relying on second hand information here.

This though? This is as cheap as it gets. How do you throw that sort of sucker punch? Just because you got a hard elbow during the game? You either square up right away or move on. You sure as shit don't sucker punch someone in the handshake line. 

Here's what I do know. Bowling Green has a true teammate. She was ready to set the tone and stand up for her teammate. Good. Every team needs this. This is how you win the Women's NIT. Watch her run in at the end: 

She came flying out of nowhere! She just appeared from the back of the line ready to be a teammate. Foxhole gal like you read about. Get her on my team. In fact I think Bowling Green is going to win the Women's NIT now. 

Once again - stop sucker punching people. Just fucking square up if you really want to fight.