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"Mr. March" Tom Izzo Was Very Humble In Defeat After MSU's OT Loss Tonight. Just Kidding He Chalked Up Losing To Lucky Shots Made By K-State

The play Tom Izzo just drew up for that last play in OT was actually embarrassing with the way it played out. He would be a completely okay coach in my book if I didn't hear January February Izzo April all the time. I would leave him alone, but when did making it to the sweet 16 a lot and going 1-5 in the Final 4 anoint you as Mr. March? He won ONE championship 23 years ago but let's start praising the guy for taking okay teams to the Final 4. 

From '99-'19 they were ranked 8 different times preseason top 20 and a couple of top 5s in there as well. This guy isn't taking Dayton to the Final 4 and losing, these are normally stacked teams with top tier players. Michigan State isn't a shlep of a school, and if you are this amazing coach you can recruit great and make them a powerhouse. You'd think this guy takes mid-majors on these deep runs all the time with the praise he gets. 

I do respect him setting the bar really low so people suck him off for taking a 7 seed to the Sweet 16 and people congratulate him on what a good job he's done. He plays very good Big 10 teams all year. He shouldn't be in the same category as Coach K, Bill Self, Jay Wright and I'll even say coach Roy Williams. If we want to call Izzo one of the most impressive losers in the tournament that is something I can get behind but we need to stop calling him Mr. March. 

I understand he is a very good coach, I am not an idiot, but when you hear Mr. March you would think this guy is bathing in championships for how much he runs this month. One title? Come on! 

The excuse train after the loss was so pathetic too. Just give K-State and Nowell credit for playing incredible and go on your way. 

That's just sad for someone who is called Mr. March. 

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