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The NFL Has Sent Out A Memo Alleging A Mysterious Man Named "Ken Francis" Has Been Reaching Out To Teams On Lamar Jackson's Behalf

Derik Hamilton. Shutterstock Images.

What a bananaland story this has become and continues to be. This entire saga just never ceases to amaze. A couple days ago it was PFT reporting somebody was doing the talking to teams on his behalf. Many suspected the infamous Saint Omni, I personally suspected it was just Florio shaking the ol pageviews tree and that it was actually just Lamar's mom…  but I guess it was squints hard Ken Francis all along.

I mean what a made up fucking name that sounds like. Instantly first thing that came to my mind for no particular reason was Ken Bone. Don't ask me why. But picture Ken Bone at a table negotiating a 9 figure contract with Lamar Jackson in the background and tell me that's not a hilarious thought. 

Regardless, the internet is suddenly doing its quick recon on who the heck Ken Francis is, and it's honestly not all that less weird than Ken Bone himself.

I looked up what the heck The Entire Gym is and it seems to be exactly what it sounds like. A portable all-in-one gym… kinda sick actually. But doesn't seem to actually be a functioning business yet?

Regardless Lamar came out in virtually no time and shut it down

To which Florio now is playing the gotcha game by "well actually"-ing the heck out of Lamar

And round and round and round we go. I'm beyond the point of exhaustion and frustration with this whole thing. It's just funny to me now. Every day I wake up and wonder what the heck is gonna keep me chuckling next. Today it's Ken Francis. Tomorrow a reporter will come out and say Lamar's aunt is demanding he get a sundae bar at halftimes and he'll say "nah, no way, it's milkshakes we're after and it's my grandmother who's askin". 

Nobody knows what to believe anymore.

And now as I type this, it looks like The Entire Gym launch date has been officially announced.

It never ends. What a time to be alive.