Trae Young Thinks Refs Should Be Held More Accountable For Bad Calls With Possible Fines Or Suspensions

This is the correct take. When the missed calls that really affect a game are blatant the refs should be held accountable. Gambling is also a big part of the sponsors and the game now so we should be the ones that give the fines to the refs. Why do they a free pass with no consequences all the time? 

And then Colin Cowherd has this take..


That's not the point Colin! The players have to be accountable for their mistakes. The argument could be that the players get paid millions so they should have to deal with it, but some of these refs are getting away with really controversial calls that change the outcome of the entire season. 

I think they should have to at least answer to the media. One because it would be funny and two when I miss a bet because of a ref I get to at least know who the fuck I am yelling at. The absolute worst is when they come out after a game with a statement being like yeah we got it wrong and your team should have won but shucks sorry lets move on. THE WORST! Not one person feels better after that statement gets released. Not one! No more hiding behind statements, let's get these schmucks in front of a podium.