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The 'Joker' Sequel is Filming Crowd Scenes Outside Trump's Grand Jury's Courthouse, Proving That We Live in the Strangest of All Timelines

Let me begin with the obligatory disclaimer. Nothing that will appear in this blog is in anyway to be considered the opinion of Barstool Sports, Penn, or its management, employees, sponsors, business associates or guests. Including me. I'm not here to endorse any candidate, public office holder, criminal investigation or ideology. To quote Ferris Bueller quoting a rock star, "Not that I condone fascism, or any -ism for that matter. -Ism's in my opinion are not good. A person should not believe in an -ism, he should believe in himself. I quote John Lennon, 'I don't believe in Beatles, I just believe in me.' Good point there. After all, he was the walrus. I could be the walrus. I'd still have to bum rides off people." So well put. 

This is simply me pulling back to the Google Earth view and taking stock of just how surreal our reality is right now. I apologize for nothing.

Source - Gotham City is getting an extra dose of drama surrounding the Donald Trump “hush money” case.  

A wild scene from the “Joker” movie sequel is set to be filmed this weekend outside Manhattan Criminal Court — where a media circus has gathered awaiting a decision in the former president’s indictment.

The film shoot for “Joker: Folie à Deux” will feature faux explosions, 700 “protesters” and a possible appearance by Lady Gaga, who is starring in the flick. ...

A movie crew was seen swooping in with a trailer and equipment near the courthouse Wednesday, and signs declared a film shoot will be taking over several blocks of street parking on Saturday and Sunday.

However the yellow NYPD signs announcing the film crew’s parking takeover was listed as “Juliet,” a Shakespearean working title for the movie in the same vein as the temporary name of the first film, which was originally dubbed “Romeo,” according to CBR.com.

Seriously, take a moment to ruminate on this for a minute. And imagine trying to explain this to someone in your grandparents' day. You remember that part in Back to the Future (I realize I've already reached my limit of Two '80s Movie Comedy References per blog, so I'll check myself for the rest of this) when 1955 Doc Brown quizzes Marty McFly to prove he's from the future by asking him who the President is in 1985, and Marty answers Ronald Reagan. "The actor?!!" he replies. "Who's Vice President? Jerry Lewis???" Which was one of the best lines from a perfect film. Because of course the idea of the country being run by the guy who played George Gipp in the Knute Rockne movie would be unfathomable to someone living in the time when POTUS was the former Supreme Allied Commander who led us to victory in World War II. And it established the '80s as a uniquely silly time in American history. Silly enough to make a time-traveling DeLorean seem plausible. 

Now try to picture yourself trying to explain this to someone from 1955. Or 30 years ago. Or even 10. 

Let's see, in 2023 we have a former President of the United States, who hosted a Reality TV show that had weirdo celebrities like Gilbert Gottfried compete to sell the most hot dogs on a street corner, ran a phony university and sold overpriced steaks, maybe getting indicted by a grand jury for paying hush money to a porn actress to keep quiet about having sex with him and describing his penis to the world. He's also bragged about the size of his penis on the campaign trail, as well as his huge, manly hands. He could even get arrested. But we're not sure. Because the only one who has said he's getting arrest is himself, and it hasn't happened. He's also called this porn actress - who goes by the name Stormy - "Horse Face." She used to be represented by a lawyer who was on TV more than any other human being alive. And the people who interviewed him kept encouraging him to run for President. But now he's in prison after getting convicted for stealing money from his clients or something. 

Oh, and while we're waiting to see if the most recent Commander in Chief is getting indicted for bribing a sex worker, they're using the site of the hearing as the backdrop for a movie. A sequel, actually. A sequel of a comic book movie where the title character is not only the most iconic villain in the superhero genre, but also a clown with crippling mental health issues. But this doesn't have the superhero in it or even mention his name. The actor who stars in it won the Oscar for the last one. Which makes him the second straight one to win the Oscar for playing him. The guy who played the same character 30 years ago is one of the biggest stars ever. The one who played him in the 1960s put white makeup over his mustache rather than shave it off. So there's that. Oh, and the female lead in this comic book villainous clown sequel is a singer named Lady Gaga. 

And in our time? All of this makes total sense. 

Try to sell this narrative to anyone who hasn't been living in this dystopian hellscape and they'd assume it's you who's the mentally ill clown. And they'd have a point. But insane times will do that to us all. And if this thought exercise isn't already Bananaland enough, good luck trying to describe these deepfakes to someone from the past:

The more I think about it, the more I get the feeling our grandkids will look back on these Joker movies and think they were documentaries. At least we had a hell of a run for a while there, America.