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DEAR GOD NO: Rhys Hoskins Carted Off After Suffering Apparent Knee Injury

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This sucks. Royally. I'm not going to get into the whole "They shouldn't be playing when games don't matter like the WBC" stuff. Injuries happen. Rhys could've went down taking out the laundry and the result would still be the same: Shitty. We're still holding out for nothing serious but, dammit, non-contract knee injuries are nothing to mess with. It's obviously bad losing a 30+ hr guy on a team gunning for a championship, but it's even worse to happen to a genuinely great dude during a contract year. And don't give me any of this "Well if he could field a ground ball!" happy horseshit. The man is the longest tenured Phillie, hit 30 bombs last year, on top of some of the biggest postseason dingers in franchise history. He's a very, VERY important part to this team. STFU. 

Again, nothing certain, but if Rhys is out long term expect Long Ball Hall to be in the mix at 1st vs righties and then Bohm with Sosa at 3rd vs left handed pitching. Maybe even a Scott Kingrey comeback at 3rd when Bohm goes to 1st. We'll see. That's the short term solution I see until if/when a trade is made. 

Get well soon, Rhys. Hopefully we'll have a short stinted rehab at Camp Smitty and Carrabis and we're back like nothing happened. 

PS - Literally got off a NL East preview podcast at noon saying how Rhys o27.5 HR was my favorite preseason play of all generations. Fuck it all.