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Scott Van Pelt Is Hockey Tough, Continues To Finish His SportsCenter Shift Even After Losing His Voice

Some guys were just born to be hockey players, and SVP is one of them. 

You think LeBron James continues to play if his throat is a little scratchy? Not a goddamn chance. He'll call it a day before you could even unwrap a Ricola. You think Neymar keeps going if voice sounds like he just ripped through 5 packs of smokes in 5 minutes? Not a goddamn chance. He'd hang up the cleats for good and go live inside of a bubble for the rest of his life. You think Darin Ruff would get up to the plate if he could barely talk like that? Not a goddamn chance. He'd walk out of Citi Field so darn fast that SVP's head would be spinning. 

But Scott Van Pelt is a hockey tough son of a gun. He knows he has a job to do and he's not gonna let a little scratchy throat get in the way of that. You gotta fight through the pain. You have to battle through adversity. If Greg Campbell could finish a shift on a broken leg, Scott Van Pelt can get through an episode of SportsCenter without a voice. Especially when he's recapping a hockey game. Maybe he would have sent it to an early commercial break if he was going through NBA highlights.