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The Hawks Are Officially The Most Mid Team In NBA History, Having Now Played A Record 26 Consecutive Games Within A Game Of .500

This is the most Hawks stat to ever exist. The most boring, perfectly average franchise in professional sports is now a level of mid we've never seen before.

There's something beautiful and commendable about being this average, though. Y'all can keep your 55-win teams; give me the guys who are going to show up to the gym every night and be consistent in their approach. Never let yourself get too high or too low. That's mental toughness.

And while a dullard may think this streak is a bad thing, I would point out that all the Hawks need to do is get through the play-in tournament and then if this streak is any indication, they'll take every series to seven games. Talk about a team you don't want to see in the playoffs. Quin Snyder is playing the long game.

Looking at the rest of the schedule, I think there's a real chance Atlanta ends the season with this streak at 35. It could come down to needing a win over the 76ers or Celtics in the last two games. Talk about drama!

Let's make this an unbreakable record.