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Kevin Harlan Tried To Stop The Clip Of Him Losing His Mind During Furman's Game-Winner From Going Out, Needs To Embrace How Awesome It Is

[Source] - But Harlan joined Richard Deitsch’s Sports Media podcast, and stated he would have preferred if the video was kept under wraps.

“It is 110 percent organic,” Harlan answered. “The last thing you’re thinking about is that a camera’s on you… I think I join a chorus of other announcers who do not like the camera. When it was first brought to our attention…in the NFL, I begged our producer, ‘Please, please, please never show this.’ And because they never used any footage, I forgot about it. And I do think it is kind of peeking in back of the curtain, and I just think there are some things you just don’t want to see.”

Harlan said he attempted to stop the video from going out, noting “I’m very uncomfortable with this.”

Ohh what the hell is this Kevin? I'm a huge Harlan guy. I want him on the call as much as possible. He always delivers. He has the big-game voice while knowing how to call basically anything. He's awesome through and through. There's a reason this clip went viral: 


Everything about that is awesome and hilarious. Stan Van Gundy looking like he saw a ghost and fading away. Getting to see Harlan make a call that we'll hear for years to come. Harlan shouldn't be embarrassed by it. Too many announcers are boring as shit. They don't want to show emotion. They don't want to be the story. But this is different. Harlan's call heightened everything about the play. It was ridiculous from Clark's pass to Pegues hitting the shot to Furman's comeback. 

I get you might not want to see yourself. But it's a glimpse behind the curtain that us fans don't get to see. I think Harlan might be as beloved as any announcer. No one thinks different about him from seeing him lose his mind and direct traffic in the booth. In fact we all love him more because he shows emotion. Hearing him say he tried to stop it from going out is gutting. Embrace it man. It's an awesome clip. 

I say it all the time. I want announcers to either 1) entertain me or 2) teach me something. Harlan for sure falls into the entertainment category. It doesn't matter if it's basketball (his better sport) or football. The dude delivers all the time. I want videos to come out from every close game like this of him.