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The War Continues: Big East Fans Are Dragging Providence Because New Head Coach Kim English Once Tweeted 'Georgetown Is My Dream School'

I've seen this tweet and versions of this tweet float around now for the last, I don't know, 18 hours or so. Kim English who was the head coach at George Mason is now the new head coach at Providence. They moved fast and English's name was one of the first ones mentioned.

I get it. English is a hell of a recruiter. He's young, just 34 years old. If you hit the right hire with English you're in a hell of a spot. It also helped that English worked under Rick Barnes and Barnes endorsed him to his previous school. That goes a long way in the process. 

But this is about the Big East. I keep saying it, the Big East is in an awesome spot. They have a loaded cast of characters coaching. They have true hatred again in the league after trying to build it back up following realignment. It's not even Georgetown fans finding this tweet and running with it. It's the entire Big East. That's what makes this conference awesome. I want fans piling on each other during times like this. Just like if Providence beats Georgetown next year I expect UConn, Nova, Seton Hall, etc all to join forces and mock Georgetown as much as possible. This is what college sports is supposed to be like as a fan. 

I don't even think this tweet is that bad. English is from Baltimore. Of course his dream schools were either Georgetown or Maryland. Frankly, he should pick one. Georgetown and Maryland is a rivalry that needs to be played every single year. You can't say both are dream schools. But the guy is from the area. 

Either way Georgetown/Providence is flying up the rivalry rankings. It's good to have hate back in the Big East.