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CJ Stroud Absolutely Alpha'd Panthers QB Coach Josh McCown Over A Game Of HORSE And Now They Have No Choice But To Draft Him 1st Overall

Josh McCown - "See ya. We'll find a court, play some HORSE."

CJ Stroud - "It's right here. Come on."

Josh McCown - "Well no...maybe when you come to Charlotte we'll find a court"

OWNED. This is one of those "If security hasn't here I would beat your ass!" scenarios. And then security says it's all good, you can fight and you have to pretend like you're late for a dentist appointment or something instead. Just an absolute snatching of manhood. Tough to watch.

I love Josh McCown and I know how good of a guy he is. I covered him while he was the Browns QB and watched him leave it all on the field every week. He would literally die for a touchdown. So much so that defenders pretty much killed him at the goal line on more than one occasion. 

I know this was good natured banter, but if I'm the Panthers this solidified the top pick for me. Stroud looked like a stud at the Ohio State pro day and then he pulls this. This is the confidence and bravado you want to see from the leader of your organization. That's the "enough talk, let's settle this shit" attitude that can overcome the ineptitude of the Panthers' organization in recent years.

As far as that game of HORSE goes, I'm not sure Stroud knows what he is getting himself into. McCown is a certified baller. The videos of him on the court are jarring. Like walking outside with your quiet, dorky uncle at Thanksgiving and all of a sudden you find out he used to be a fill in on the last year of the And 1 Mixtape Tour.

Now CJ Stroud was no slouch himself. The kid was a shooter at Rancho Cucamonga High School and can definitely fill it up. The slight height advantage would go to McCown but I think Stroud's range would be the determining factor.

And let's not forget that he beat Jaxson Smith-Njiigba in nine straight games of HORSE prompting him to challenge the Ohio State men's hoops team to a pickup game. Something that may have been closer than people think seeing as how the football team had Stroud and Josh Proctor (who is 6'8" and averaged 17.9 points and 9.0 while leading his high school team to an Indy state title).

And the men's hoops team, well they lost nine straight and basically eliminated themselves from the NCAA tournament mid-season.

I just hope that after the Panthers make Stroud the 1st overall pick that the social media team down there in Charlotte sets up this game of HORSE. Better yet, let's live stream it on The winner gets to play the reigning NFL HORSE champions Dave and Big Cat.