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Joe Lunardi Must Have A Disease To Already Be Making 2024 Tournament Projections Complete With A First Team Out

This is sheer lunacy. We've completed one-third of the 2023 NCAA Tournament and Joe Lunardi is already in the lab cooking up which 4-seed will end up in the Midwest Region next year. This man is crying out for help.

I get that doing a Way Too Early Top 25 or lookahead NCAA Tournament bracket is fun and gets clicks — even if it's completely meaningless — but usually, those are done in the days and weeks after the conclusion of a season. We're still in the most important part of 2023 and Lunardi wants to get the remote from Click and fast forward to next Selection Sunday. It's the only day this man is happy.

We don't even really have a clue who's going to be good next year. The transfer portal will radically change half of the teams on that list for better and worse. But I guess teams should still be happy to be included in next year's top four seeds, even if it's ultimately pointless. However, what the fuck did Texas A&M do to Joe Lunardi to get that kind of disrespect? He didn't need to include a First Team Out, but threw the Aggies in there just to twist the knife a little, I guess.

This guy needs to join a bowling league or something.