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15 Years Later And Sidney Crosby Is Still One Of The Deadliest Assassins On The Planet

Poor Sam Girard. Kid grew up in Quebec. Probably had a few chances to see Sidney Crosby playing for Rimouski in the QMJHL when he was 5 or 6 years old. I wouldn't be shocked to learn that the first memories of hockey that Sam Girard has were getting a chance to see Crosby playing for the Océanic, fake like he's taking his defender inside to his forehand, cut back outside to his backhand, and then unleash a lethal backhand missile right over the goalie's shoulder and in the back of the net. 

It's his patented move. He's been ending the life of defensemen that way for the better part of 2 decades now. The moment Sidney Crosby gets you to flip your hips, call the coroner over because you are a dead man. Sam Girard got a chance to watch it as a kid growing up in Quebec, and now it was the last thing he got to see as an alive man in the National Hockey League. 

All these years later and Crosby is still making a mockery out of this league. All these years later and Sidney Crosby is still somehow dragging the Penguins into the playoffs on his back and his backhand. The kid who walked into Pittsburgh and saved the organization from having to relocate to Kansas City. Won 3 Cups for the organization. 2 Hart Trophies, 2 Art Ross, 2 Rocket Richard, 2 Conn Smythes. All these years later and he's still making defenseman look silly while carrying the entire franchise around with him. I'd say this is vintage Sid but "vintage" would imply that we haven't seen it in a while. If anything, this is just some aged Crosby. Somehow bolder and more robust than the orginal.