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Someone DM'd Me an INSANE Bachelor Spoiler... But Is It True?

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So, obviously, I don't just go believing everything the people in my DMs tell me. I filter. I sort. I use logical thinking.

But this DM I got... It stuck with me. 

It contains some very interesting information and is apparently from someone who doesn't even watch The Bachelor. Given, there are a few degrees of separation between them and Zach, but nonetheless, without revealing too much, I have reason to trust what they're saying about what happens after filming. 

What they told me is NUTS. Definitely one of the crazier things to happen in the Bachelor Universe. With everything I know about the source, I would say I 90% believe this, 10% don't at this point.

Now the question is, what do I do with this information? Do I keep it all inside and just see if I was right while watching Monday's finale? 


I could tell the world so IF this is true, I got to the scoop first. First before Reality Steve, first before Twitter, first before the hundreds of Bachelor fan accounts. God, that glory is tempting.

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