The Jets Appear To Be Stockpiling Ammunition For The Aaron Rodgers Trade, Sending Elijah Moore To The Browns For A 2nd Round Draft Pick

Now this, folks, is what we in the industry call a Fair Trade. Clear and obvious benefits for both sides. The only loser here? Elijah Moore. He now has to move to.....Cleveland.

Mitchell Leff. Getty Images.

But he's going to be welcomed here with open arms. He gives us a much needed threat at slot receiver to go along with Amari Cooper on the outside, and once again, my dumb brain tells me this offense now has the weapons to one of the tops in the league. Deshaun Watson, Nick Chubb, Amari Cooper, Elijah Moore, David Njoku, and a Top 5 offensive line. Who has it better than us? Andrew Berry was once again magnificent in this deal, getting a player with substantial upside and only needing to swap a 2nd rounder for a 3rd rounder. I love this price tag much more than the one the Broncos were asking for Jerry Jeudy. We continue to dominate in the off-season. If only we could dominate, you know, on the field too….

As for the Jets, they just got one step closer to finalizing this Aaron Rodgers thing.

This tells me that the Jets are hoping that two second rounders might be more appealing to Green Bay than a 1st rounder. The Jets pick 13th, and they NEED a left tackle. New York clearly doesn't want to give up the ability to get a cornerstone player there. But now they might have the ammunition to get Rodgers out of Green Bay without needing to give that first round pick up. If the Packers will take the two 2nd rounders instead of the 1st, they could now pick 15th, 42nd, 43rd, and 45th in the draft, and likely still pick up another piece or pick from the Jets in the process. Four picks in the first 45 seems like a great way for Green Bay to either fill a lot of holes, or wheel and deal however they see fit.

Can this thing finally get done now?