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Armando Bacot Is Coming Back To College For His 10th Year

Armando Bacot, the first player to be a part of a team that was preseason ranked #1 and not make the NCAA tournament is returning to college basketball for what seems like his 10th year. The fact that this man has any eligibility left is outrageous. He declared he was going to UNC in 2018! I think the only reason he's coming back is so he gets another role in Outer Banks for their next season. 

The reason why college basketball has a lot of mid major teams that are relevant and good is because of this covid rule and I love that, but the fact that Bacot still has that eligibility is wild. 

His whole team is in shambles and transferring so it will suck not making the NCAA tournament again. No matter what, Duke will always be better than UNC. 

Now let's kick biased Marty out of the room for a second and give a real take. Of course you come back to college if you have eligibility. He's walking around that campus like a god. He probably is making some good NIL money. Sure he's gotta deal with some old jokes here and there considering he's 5-6 years older than some of the freshmen, but I would honestly play until they tell me I have to go home. 

Bacot calling himself Perry ellis is funny, but also an easy joke for people like Jeff Goodman to laugh at because it's cheap. You do have to give him credit because making fun of yourself first before anyone else does is a pro move. 

This just shows that UNC will be trash again and the only reason they are relevant is Duke. Maybe Bacot will say yes this time to the NIT and not think they are better than that tournament.