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Hearing Kevin Garnett Talk About Squashing His Beef With Ray Allen Has Me In A Glass Case Full Of Emotion

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Let's be very clear about something. If you put KG in front of a mic, I'm already in. Doesn't matter what he says really. If you tell me he's also going to be open and honest about squashing his beef with Ray Allen? Yes please. How could we forget what an incredible moment it was this time last year when the Celts brought everyone back for KG's jersey retirement. We had seen him shoutout Paul a few years before

but the beef with KG was at another level. KG and Rondo hated that man with the fire of a thousand suns, so when we learned that he was going to be in the building for such a huge moment, I feel confident in saying it was one of the most emotional nights for every Celtics fan in existence.

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As they say, time heals all wounds. It's hard to explain to non Celts fans what Ray going to the Heat meant, and while it's true that Danny Ainge and the team didn't exactly make things easy during this time, it still hurt. As I got older it started to bother me less and less, and really I lived by the mantra that I would do whatever the players did. As long as the guys still had beef with Ray then fine. But if they squashed it, there's no reason to hold a grudge anymore.

That's why I found KG's comments so interesting. We all know KG is a competitive psycho, it's what makes him great. It's not surprising that at that time in his basketball life, a time where the Celts were still competing for titles and their main rival being MIA, you can sort of understand why KG felt the way he did. What do you expect? But hearing how Kobe's passing helped change his mindset, that was some real shit. I think we can all take that to heart too. Life is too short to be upset over bullshit, especially with people you love. You never know what can happen, and while it sucks that it takes a tragedy for people to maybe realize that, it's still something that everyone should apply to their own lives. Life is too short.

Given that we are so removed from that era, it warms my heart that these guys have moved past it and are all good. Deep down it killed me that one of the greatest Celtics teams of my lifetime, the only one that has ever brought me a title that I've seen with my own eyes, was so broken for so long. Ray Allen was a tremendous Celtic, there is no title without KG, Paul Pierce is one of the greatest Celtics ever. Life is better when everyone is getting along.

Now if you'll excuse me, it's time to spend the rest of the day reliving the glory days.