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Knicks Fans Will Not Let Brian Windhorst Make Us Feel All Tingly Inside, Only To Kick Us In The Dick By Saying They 'Can Make 2 Giant Trades'

Nope. Nope. Not going to do it. I'm not going to do what you are used to with Knicks fans. There will be no photoshops. There will be no 'it's the Mecca, guys will come.' You know why? Because my dick, Clem's dick, all of us Knicks fans dicks have been beaten and kicked in like Eddie swinging at a dog pinata. Not even the fake Eddie who led the Knicks to a fake championship. Chicago's Eddie. 

Anyways, this is not what I wanted to see. Could the Knicks make a trade over the next year? Of course. Their bench is awesome. They have good, young players. But at the same time do you mortgage the entire future for two pissed off stars? That's something I'm not worried about because we have this man:

Jim McIsaac. Getty Images.

He's done everything right so far. He's hit on draft picks even when people questioned him. Jalen Brunson has been the best free agent signing since, I don't know, Allan Houston? Julius Randle has been a 2x All-Star. More important than all of that? The Knicks are actually winning games. That's what we call a step in the right direction. 

Next up winning playoff games. I know, that's the end game. But I'm still a self-aware Knicks fans. Just getting there a couple years ago felt like a win. This year we're 11 games over .500 and sitting in the 5 spot. Things aren't bad! That's why we will not do photoshops. That's why I won't do trade proposals for a Dame, Jaylen Brown, KAT or someone like that. 

I will not let Brian Windhorst get me all horned up only to leave me there. If a trade happens, great. A trade likely needs to happen at some point in order to truly contend. But for now? Let the young guys play. Let the young guys grow and win. We're not going to be the Nets and that right there is a win. I'm not ready to trade at least 4 of RJ, Obi, IQ, Duece and Grimes. That's before we get into draft picks and everyone else who can be traded. I want IQ to be a Knick for life. 

So not today, Brian. Today we worry about beating the Heat.