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Today's Episode of The Mandalorian Further Proves Why Filoni and Favreau Are The Greatest

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Giphy Images.

So this episode of Mando introduced us to a new character in a flashback named Kelleran Beq. He is a Jedi and he helped baby yo escape the Jedi temple during Order 66. Now, what is so cool about that? Well, he is played by Ahmad Best. He is the actor that had the misfortune of playing Jar Jar Binks in the prequel trilogy. On it's surface, it's very easy to dump on Jar Jar because he is a bad character thanks to George Lucas and George Lucas alone. And it's easy to forget how much hatred surrounded those movies because a lot of people are retroactively acting like they always loved them. But remember, this character ate more shit than maybe any other character in a movie. In fact, he somehow became the focal point of all the hatred against the entire trilogy. And this is before the true internet era where people moved on from shit right away. It was YEARS of people shitting all over Jar Jar. What people didn't realize is that this took a huge toll on the guy who played him. 

Best became really depressed and came seconds away from ending his life. In recent years, he's gotten a new life within star wars. He hosted the kid-based game show Jedi Temple Challenge as Kelleran Beq and now he got to bring the character into the best live-action star wars property since the original trilogy. That, my friends, is extremely cool shit. 

There is also a moment near the end of this episode where the creature they are chasing is killed by an even larger creature. I think this was a pretty clear callback to "There's always a bigger fish" moment in The Phantom Menace.