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Awesome: Dwight Schrute Posted A Bunch Of Behind The Scenes Videos From The Last Scene Of 'The Office' For Its 10-Year Anniversary

I know, I know. The Office has been dead for 10 years. But that doesn't matter. I mean everyone still watches The Office for good reason. It's one of the iconic shows, it still holds up, it's still funny and well, mostly, it's comfort level watching. Call me crazy but you can only watch so many like crazy ass shows or movies with drama and action. Sometimes you just need to watch something and let your brain go numb. Just laugh at dumb shit. 

So yeah there's nothing crazy in these Instagram video. I also called him Dwight Schrute in the headline because I'm 100% sure more people know him as Dwight than Rainn Wilson. It's not even like that's an easy name to forget. Just shows how popular The Office was/is. 

I don't think The Office was relatable. It was exaggerated. If you worked or work in cube life you know of a Jim or a Dwight or a Michael. The only one who was relatable was Stanley. Just draining the clock every single day. Trying his best to hit retirement and not want to do shit at work. That's the most relatable guy there. Shit, I would say 80% of people in your office are Stanley. 

So yeah it's some simple Instagrams that racked up a combined 700k+ likes. Decent numbies. I do wonder how long people will hold The Office in high regard. Seinfeld held up the test of time. Everyone my age still watches Seinfeld and I assume that'll be the case for The Office, especially if it's still on Comedy Central. 

Here's 35 minutes to help drain the clock.