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Bijan Robinson Is Now The #1 NFL Prospect On My Draft Board After Finding Out He Has His Own Brand Of Mustard, Bijan Mustardson

I'm sure there are some Texas football fans who think I'm an idiot for just finding out about this now. But Bijan Robinson having his own brand of mustard needs to be a much bigger story heading into the NFL Draft. If you're a GM and you don't call his name when you step up to that podium on draft night, then you have worms for brains. 40 times don't matter. How many times you can bench press don't matter. Verticals don't matter. Do you want to know what will actually translate into wins on the field?

Some deliciously intense, spicy, and grainy mustard to go along with your jalapeño and cheddar sausage. 

I don't want to say that mustard is an underrated condiment, but it's certainly under-appreciated. Think about the versatility of mustard. Yellow mustard is perfectly find on its own, though I mostly just use yellow mustard as a binder if I'm smoking pork butt and ribs. Spicy mustard is the perfect compliment to a salty hot dog with some sweet relish. You want to class it up a little bit, grab some dijon and make a beautiful vinaigrette for your next Cobb salad. It's also perfect to give your coleslaw some more depth and flavor. Or how about a whole grain mustard slathered on a pastrami sandwich? It quite literally doesn't get any better than that. Honey mustard kicks ass.  There are just so many different types of mustards, and they all rule. 

So to have the opportunity to bring a guy who clearly gets that like Bijan Robinson into your locker room? You have to take it. He brings more to the table than any other prospect on the draft board right now. And before anybody even starts to think it, no, this isn't an ad. But the Eagles are in need of another running back now to replace Miles Sanders (assuming Rashaad Penny can't stay healthy), and I'm also in need of more mustard in my pantry. 

I'm gonna need Howie Roseman to do the damn thing with one of those first round picks.