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Dana Altman Did The Logical Thing After Oregon Lost To Wisconsin - Call Out The Entire Fanbase, Basically Beg The School To Fire Him

In the words of an incredible asshole - sheesh. I mean, I get it. Every coach goes through something like this. The moment you and your fanbase turn on each other. For Dana Altman we hit that breaking point. I don't blame fans for not showing up. Who cares about the NIT? It's the NIT. It's a losers tournament. It's an event that no one gives a shit about, despite it's history. There's a reason it got booted from MSG. 

But at the same time, Dana Altman is the reason Oregon basketball was ever relevant. Of course he wants fans to show up. Of course you don't want Wisconsin people to overtake your arena. But I actually love this from Altman. Basically being like hey, you can fire me and I'll just go coach JuCo ball. I don't give a fuck.

This is the equivalent of a married guy going to tell his wife that he's out of the house and going to live back in a college apartment. You're searching for better times, but you know it's just disgusting there. You're going to have the smell of stale beer and feet getting stuck on the floor everywhere. 

Altman is also just the old school guy. I'm not going to promote - which, fair! Also tough when you're at a football dominant school. I know he has the Nike connection, but football is priority one. I say get weird with it. Bring Altman back to Creighton. Have McDermott take another Big East job and let's keep having these conference fans threaten to fight each other.